Të licencuarit
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The Appeals Board shall be independent in exercising its functions. 
The Appeals Board shall adjudicate appeals of parties that are directly affected by the decision regarding: 
-    granting, denying, non-renewal or revocation of broadcasting licences; 
-    imposition or modification of broadcasting license conditions, excluding conditions relating to frequency allocation or other technical criteria; 
-    the imposition of sanctions; and 
-    such other matters as may be provided for in sub-legal acts. 

The Appeals Board may support, modify or repeal any decision of the IMC, acting upon an appeal against a relevant decision.
The Appeals Board shall be composed of three (3) members which shall be appointed by the Assembly of Kosovo. Assembly shall elect the Head of the Appeals Board from among the Appeals Board members. The term of office for members of the Appeals Board shall be for a period of three (3) years