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Within the Independent Media Commission, the Executive Office functions as a second body of this independent institution. The Executive Office is led by the Chief Executive who assists the Commission of IMC to carry out its duties and responsibilities according to Law No. 04/L-44 for the Independent Media Commission

Based on the Law No. 04/L-44 the Chief Executive  

-        manages the civil employees of the IMC,

-        manages the finances and other sources of finance,

-        offers advice on IMC policies,

-        ensures the implementation of decisions, policies and other IMC measures in an effective way, and

-        coordinates the work with other institutions.


Within the Executive Office of IMC, operate the following Departments



The Legal Department advises IMC to prepare the legal infrastructure as well as in all legal matters relating to licensing, complaints from the public and in drafting of new rules and guidelines for broadcasters. The Legal Department prepares sanctioning cases and advises the IMC in all legal sessions.
The Legal Department also serves as general advisory to IMC, advising on all administrative and regulatory matters.



The Licensing Department is responsible for licensing bids on new broadcasting licenses in the territory of Kosovo. The Department works closely with all existing broadcasters on matters relating to compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of their License. In cooperation with other departments of IMC, the Licensing Department instructs all broadcasters to resolve interference problems between them and reviews all the requests from broadcasters dealing with the changes in the General Conditions of their license.



The Department of Monitoring and Compliance monitors the electronic media and periodically visits the broadcasters to ensure compliance with the regulations of the IMC and to help the IMC to better understand the problems and concerns of broadcasters. The IMC monitoring staff receive complaints from the public and examine them in consultation with the Legal, Technical and Licensing Departments in order to advise the Chief Executive on any regulatory action that may be required and may also initiate a complaint of ex-officio.



Frequency Management Department (FMD) sets the transmission parameters for each broadcaster, including frequency, the strength of the signal and location of the antenna.
Using sophisticated planning programs for frequencies, the Frequency Management department designs the coverage area of ​​each broadcaster in a precise topographic map of Kosovo to ensure that each radio or television station can cover its licensed area without interfering with other broadcasters. FMD also conducts field monitoring to verify compliance of broadcasters with the technical conditions of their licenses and oversees the solution of frequency interferences between transmitters.



The Administration Department is responsible for all financial matters, personnel, logistics and procurement in the IMC, including the budget management.