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29 May 2019

Chairman of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), Mr. Muja FERATI, Vice President Mrs. Violeta Hyseni-Kelmendi, and the Head of the Complaints and Representation Division Herolinda Zagragja-Goçi presented to the students of the Journalism Department of the University of Prishtina the legal regulations of the IMC which regulate the Audiovisual Media Services in the Republic of Kosovo, especially the Code of Ethics.

The Chairman, Mr. Ferati, opened the meeting speaking briefly about the IMC, while the Vice President Mrs. Hyseni Kelmendi, presented the competencies and jurisdiction of the IMC, as well as the regulation of Audiovisual Media Services based on the IMC Law and bylaws issued by the IMC.

Senior IMC officials responded to student questions by providing clarifications on the IMC's work in monitoring and regulating Audiovisual Media Services, as a permanent job of the institution and based on complaints, as well as the legal obligations of the licensees, especially in compliance with the Code of Ethics, Regulation on child protection, Regulation on commercial communications, etc.

This meeting was a continuation of the institution's readiness for continuous cooperation with journalism students from all universities in Kosovo, to promote ethical standards of journalism, increase the quality of media reporting, and protect the public interest.

The presentation to the students of the Journalism Branch of the University of Pristina was made at the invitation of the lecturer of this branch, Mr. Alban Zeneli.