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03 September 2019

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on August 29, 2019, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Muja FERATI, held its ninth regular meeting for 2019. At the beginning of the meeting, the Commission approved the agenda of the meeting and the minutes from the last meeting.

Following the meeting, the IMC Commission has addressed several requests in licensing cases, namely the request for a license for AMSP, a request for a license for Distribution Operators - OTT and recommendations for extending the licenses of 6 TVs with analogue broadcasting.

The cases reviewed are listed as follows: 

RTV Malisheva 2001 – application for a license for AMSP;

ARTMOTION L.L.C – application for a license for Distribution Operators - OTT;

Extension of the license term for 6 TVs with analog broadcasting

After the review, the Commission approved all recommendations in licensing cases. Regarding the third point, to continue the broadcasting activity of Audiovisual Media Service Providers licensed by the IMC, whose licenses for analogue broadcasting expire, the Independent Media Commission decided to temporarily extend the licenses for broadcasting TV stations with analogue terrestrial broadcasting, whose licenses expire on 28 August 2019. The TV stations whose IMC broadcasting license expires are: RTK 1, TV 21, KTV, TV Dukagjini, TV Mitrovica and TV Festina. The IMC clarifies to the parties and the public that the use of the frequencies used by these Licensees will be temporary, respectively until the completion of the process of switching from analogue to digital broadcasting. The Licensees that are part of this decision will exercise their activity according to the General Conditions and Terms of the IMC License, issued on August 28, 2009 and the same remain unchanged, including the Technical Conditions, the Program Format as well as the Licensee Coverage Area.

The Commission has also considered the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer. After the review, the Commission took a decision by unanimous vote of all members, in accordance with Article 18 of Law no. 04/L-44, to appoint Mr. Luan LATIFI Chief Executive Officer of the IMC.

The decision to appoint Mr. LATIFI for Chief Executive Officer was made based on the results achieved in the public competition for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the IMC, organized by the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA).