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NOTIFICATION - Deadline for submission of the annual report is 30 June 2020

03 June 2020

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), taking into account the situation created after the outbreak of Covid-19 virus in the Republic of Kosovo and the recent decision by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo - Ministry of Health to return to normality, informs you that the deadline for annual financial reporting is postponed.

IMC, with purpose of providing additional opportunities to all licensees, has decided that the deadline for submission of the annual report will be 30 June 2020.

Annual financial reporting is a legal obligation for licensees, as defined by Law No. 04/L-44 on the Independent Media Commission, respectively Article 28, paragraph 1, which stipulates that:

“Licensed audiovisual media services must submit an annual report to the IMC, which includes information concerning the programme and action in accordance with the terms of the license along with a detailed financial report and other information provided by law."

IMC invites licensees to submit their annual financial reports to the IMC office or by e-mail: info@kpm-ks.org.