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Reaction of IMC related to commercial communication with inappropriate content

04 August 2020

The Executive Office of the IMC reacts harshly to a commercial communication, broadcasted for the company "Candeo Furniture", through the Audiovisual Media Service Providers (AMSP).

Based on the monitoring and analysis of this content, the Executive Office of the IMC has assessed that the broadcasting of this commercial communication is in violation with the secondary legislation of the IMC. Moreover, even harmful to the public.

The Regulation on Audiovisual Commercial Communications determines that: "Commercial communications which include unnecessary violence or threats of violence should be prohibited".

Regarding the language used, according to the Code of Ethics, AMSP should not broadcast any material that contains vulgar and offensive language.

Taking into consideration the legal and ethical obligations to the public, the Executive Office INSTRUCTS all IMC licensees, and for the sake of the public, also online media / social networks (taking into account the protection of the general public interest), to be careful when broadcasting contents that are sensitive for the society in general.


Executive Office of the IMC