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Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Independent Media Commission and The Kosovo Media Institute

02 October 2020

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Kosovo Media Institute (KMI).

The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the IMC, Mr. Luan Latifi and the Chairman of the Board of IMK, Mr. Fazli Veliu.

The main purpose of the Memorandum is to further strengthen the cooperation between the IMC and the media, respectively the Kosovo Media Institute.

This memorandum determines the modalities, instruments and ways of cooperation between the Independent Media Commission a.nd the Kosovo Media Institute, respectively the opportunity is provided to carry out various research projects and analyzes on topics related to the field of audiovisual services and organization of various activities related to human capacity building in the field of audiovisual services. IMK will be engaged in the implementation of research projects by providing human capacity, also the IMC will enable the use of technical and human capacity of the office in the framework of the implementation of joint projects.

As the main component of this memorandum is that all research and analysis from joint projects will be published and be at the service of the public and media professionals.

     Independent Media Commission