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22 January 2021

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), encourages all licensees to comply with the Regulation on Commercial Audiovisual Communications IMC 2017/07, respectively Article 2, paragraph 2 which states that: “Commercial audiovisual political communications are allowed only during campaigns in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations”.

According to Article 14, paragraph 5, of this Regulation, it is determined that: "Political parties and coalitions will not be sponsors of audio-visual programs except during the time of election promotion in accordance with a special act". Whereas, paragraph 6 of this article stipulates that: Advertising of political parties, coalitions and independent members of representative bodies is prohibited, except during the time of electoral promotion in accordance with a special act”.

Considering the legal obligations and in order to implement the Regulation on Audiovisual Commercial Communications IMC2017 / 07, the IMC instructs all IMC licensees to refrain from broadcasting all forms of commercial political communications outside the election campaign period, including non-broadcasting of political advertising and sponsorship of programs by political parties.

The election campaign starts from 3 to 12 February 2021.