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Announcement from the meeting of the Independent Media Commission

28 May 2021

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), on May 26, 2021, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat LATIFI, has held its fifth regular meeting for this year. The committee first approved the agenda of the meeting and then the minutes from the previous meeting.

According to the agenda, the Commission has reviewed several requests in the licensing cases, which had to do with the licensing of the audiovisual media service provider (OSHMA) with broadcasting through the network of OSHs, request for change of name, request for change of ownership , Distribution Operator licensing application

The licensed cases reviewed are listed as follows:

  •     Kiki Net LLC - Distribution Operator Licensing Decision;
  •     TV Festina - Decision for change of ownership.
  •     RTV Dukagjini - Decision on licensing of media service providers with broadcasting through OSHs;
  •     TG TV - Decision to change the name to Target.
  •     Paper TV - Decision on licensing of media outlets with broadcasting through OSHs.

After reviewing the recommendations of the Executive Office for each of the licensing cases, the Commission concluded that all applications met the legal criteria of the IMC and decided to approve all recommendations.

Regarding the violations identified during the campaign for the early elections 2021, the IMC has initiated several legal cases for non-compliance with diaries A and B, which relate to violations of Chapter VIII of the Law on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo No.03 / L-073, for the implementation of which the IMC is responsible.

The IMC Commission has reviewed all these cases of legal violations and has concluded that these OSHMA: Kanal 10, TE7, Radio 7, Top Radio, Radio Gjilani, Radio Rinia, Radio Victoria, TV Vali, Radio Max, Radio 7 Kosova , Radio Club FM, Radio Prishtina, Radio Urban FM Prishtina, Radio Dardania, Radio Helix, Radio Urban FM Prizren, have acted in contradiction with article 49, paragraph 7, of Law no. 03 / L-073 on Elections, by not bringing Diaries A and B.

Therefore, the Commission decided that these media outlets should be sanctioned with a sanctioning measure with a fine, in the amount of one thousand (1000) Euros, in accordance with Article 30, paragraph 1.3, of the IMC Law, for violation of Article 49, paragraph 7, of Law no. 03 / L-073 on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo.

 Following the meeting, the Commission addressed several other legal cases:

  •     Complaint of Mrs. Ervehe Gashi against TV Dukagjini;
  •     Telko's Complaint against the Audiovisual Media Service Provider Klan Kosova.

The Commission also discussed the issue of initiating the procedure for amending the Regulation on Audio and Audiovisual Media Service Providers KPM-2017/02, regarding the criteria and procedures for issuing licenses for Audio and Audiovisual Media Service Providers by broadcasting to the network of Distribution Operators, the Commission decided to initiate the procedure and establish the Working Group for the Regulation on Audio and Audiovisual Media Service Providers IMC-2017/02.