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The Independent Media Commission held a closing meeting with representatives of audio and audiovisual media service providers in the Prishtina region

17 September 2021

On September 17, 2021, the Independent Media Commission held a closing meeting with the media in the Prishtina region, as part of the week of regional meetings with IMC licensees.

The meeting started with the presentation of media legislation regarding the electoral process, because of particular interest to the media is the coverage of the election campaign for the local elections 2021. The main point was presented the legislation under Chapter VIII of the Election Law and bylaws. IMC and Regulation 2013/03 on the protection of children and minors in audiovisual media services and the Code of Ethics and Regulation on Audiovisual Commercial Communications as well as the most frequent violations by the media that the IMC has identified.

As in previous times, the IMC has drafted the IMC Election Guide which was forwarded to the media at least one week before the election which is a summary of key points of all part of the media legislation regarding the election process.

The main points of discussion were approximately the same as in other regional meetings with the media, given that the stagnation or problems of the licensees are mainly at certain points. The discussion was therefore focused on the content of commercial political communications during the election campaign, fair, correct, objective and impartial reporting, fair and impartial representation of political entities in programs, respect for electoral silence where broadcasting is prohibited or publication of any material related to the campaign activity (24 hours before the opening of the polling stations until the official closing of the polling stations). Also in this meeting was debated regarding the duration of the advertising point and it was clarified that the time of broadcasting with payment and without payment, that the media are not responsible if political entities do not use the time provided. While at the time of free broadcasting it was clarified that it can be provided in the form of participation in debates, discussion programs, interviews outside the regular informative programs provided, or as free political advertising points.

Regarding the publication of public opinion polls, it was clarified that the publication or transmission of public opinion poll results is prohibited, including going to the polls (24 hours before the official closing of polling stations and until the end of the election process. of the media in relation to the IMC is the keeping of diaries to record the time of broadcasting and other media expositions, for paid and unpaid advertising, of the campaign activities for each political entity and their submission to the IMC.

Regarding the protection of children and juveniles in the media, with a focus on the election campaign but also outside it, it was discussed about sponsoring children's programs and placing products on shows as a violation identified by the IMC, the allowed airtime and the way of juvenile program categorization, acoustic signaling and program warning.

In addition, due regard should be paid to the dignity of children and minors who are part of or involved in the programs (regardless of any consent given by the parent, legal guardian. Personal data on minors as well as relationship details their family and private life, will not be broadcast in cases where the transmission of such information may harm their well-being, while in live programs (debates / interviews, etc.), it is the obligation of the media service provider to take appropriate action. to avoid the use of vulgar or offensive language by participants, surprises or unplanned interviews ("ambushes") of children and minors are prohibited and the use and presence of children in various promotional spots of political parties is not allowed.

And the main point that was discussed was the obligation that the media service providers should not broadcast interviews or photos of children under the age of 14 in relation to issues that are related to their families, without the prior consent of the parent or an adult in charge. for the child.

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