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Announcement to the licensees

23 September 2021

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), based on its legal mandate, is continuously monitoring the media to assess their compliance with the IMC Law and IMC bylaws, in terms of sponsorship, product placements and split-screen advertising in newscasts and current affairs programs.

IMC reminds you that sponsorship, placement of products and split-screen advertising in news programs and programs on current issues, is prohibited under the IMC Law and Regulation IMC-2017/07.

The IMC clarifies to the licensee that it is not a question of banning all forms of advertising, but only in some shows where issues related to current affairs in the public interest are addressed.

Therefore, the IMC requires licensees to adhere to the rules regarding the prohibition of sponsorship and placement of products and that the IMC always remains at the disposal of the parties to provide clarifications at any time regarding the implementation of these legal requirements.

Independent Media Commission