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The next meeting was held between IMC and AMA

10 December 2021

The Independent Media Commission - IMC and the Audiovisual Media Authority - AMA, held a working meeting in Tirana. The President of the IMC Mr. Xhevat Latifi and the President of AMA Mrs. Armela Krasniqi discussed issues faced by the two institutions they lead.

The implementation of Directive 2018/1808 is one of the obligations deriving from the various international commitments of the two countries and as such it requires decision-making and full commitment of both institutions.

AMA and IMC exchanged information on the work done so far in this regard focusing on the way each country will implement it. Directive 2018/1808 addresses a number of issues, which require regulation in the audiovisual media and is currently fully implemented by almost all EU countries.

Mr. Latifi and Ms. Krasniqi agreed to hold a regional meeting of the Western Balkan countries in order to exchange experiences in implementing the Directive and to obtain best practices from countries that have advanced in this regard.

The drafting of the new law on the IMC in Kosovo, on the digitalization process, had an important weight in the conversation, issues that were discussed and exchanged opinions and experiences that AMA had during the drafting of law 97/2013 “On audiovisual media in the Republic of Albania ”or on the digitalization process.

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