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Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between the Independent Media Commission and the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications

17 December 2021

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) in cooperation with the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications (RAEPC) today signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

The memorandum was signed by Mr. Xhevat Latifi - Chairman of the IMC and Mr. Nazim Rahimi - Chairman of RAEPC.

On this occasion, the representatives of the two institutions expressed satisfaction with the achievement of this agreement, and pledged to achieve the goals and objectives of the memorandum.

The Memorandum aims at defining the modalities, instruments and ways of cooperation between the signatory parties, in order to develop activities in the respective areas regulated by the signatory parties.

This Memorandum aims to strengthen cooperation between the parties in order to effectively and efficiently manage the limited resources of the frequency spectrum, the application of technological neutrality, ensuring the conditions for effective competition and the protection of consumer rights. Coordination of inter-institutional commitments as well as commitments and efforts of technical and human resources in cases when the mandates and activities of the Parties are related to the implementation of relevant legal provisions. Joint coordination of the National Radio Frequency Plan together with the Schedule of distribution and use of the Frequency Spectrum for the Republic of Kosovo as well as the release and use of frequencies for broadband services (divedent).

The Memorandum also aims to promote competition and efficient infrastructure in the field of electronic communications and radio broadcasting and guarantee quality services for the consumer, according to the conditions set by Law no. 04 / L-109 on Electronic Communications; Law no. 04 / L-44 on the Independent Media Commission (IMC); Law no. 05 / L-027 on Digitalization of Terrestrial Broadcasting Broadcasts, as well as trends of technological progress and convergence.

The Independent Media Commission