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Open letter to IMC licensees / Addressed: Audiovisual Media Service Providers

26 February 2022

The Independent Media Commission is closely following the media coverage of the current situation in Ukraine, in particular the program contents that are being offered through various platforms, with special emphasis on media originating and close to the current government in the Russian Federation. .
The Independent Media Commission through this open letter instructs all its licensees to be careful during the transmission of program content and to take all appropriate actions in order to avoid the dissemination of propaganda and false news, especially those from the media of Russian origin or close to the current government in the Russian Federation, which may distribute program content with content inciting language of hatred, misinformation, discrimination, intolerance in order to justify their war against Ukraine and which in a form or otherwise may endanger the security and public order of the Republic of Kosovo.
Program contents that promote hate speech as well as incite or promote any form of discrimination and intolerance are prohibited under the Law and bylaws of the IMC, and in this respect are in complete violation of the Constitution of Kosovo.
To avoid the dissemination of such content and to protect the public interest, in providing fair and impartial information to the public about events of general global interest, IMC licensees should take immediate action.
The IMC highly values ​​the role of its licensees and their professionalism in reporting on the war situation in Ukraine.

Independent Media Commission