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Announcement from the sixth meeting of the Independent Media Commission

04 September 2023

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on September 1, 2023, under the leadership of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Jeton Mehmeti, held its sixth regular meeting, where it dealt with several cases of the nature of licensing, respectively a request for a license as a Provider of Audiovisual Media Services with transmission through distribution operators and a request for a distribution operator's license as well as 18 requests for radio license renewal.

Initially, the Commission discussed the item on the agenda about respecting the decision of the KPM regarding the debts of the licensees to the KPM, through which decision the KPM has obliged all the licensees who have unpaid debts, to bring to the KPM a agreement within 30 days, based on which they provide a proof that they have made the programming for the payment of debts for a period of 12 months.

From the entry into force of the decision until now, 30,000 euros have been paid to the KPM in debts that have been accumulated over the years by the licensed entities, while some of the broadcasting entities have made agreements with the KPM to pay off the debts in installments. The total amount that will be paid through debt programming is about 89 thousand euros.

Within the framework of requests for renewal of licenses, the Commission has reviewed a total of 18 cases of audio and audiovisual media service providers.

The Commission has made a decision on the licensing of A2 CNN Kosovo as a Provider of Audiovisual Media Services with transmission through distribution operators as well as the licensing of the distribution operator Kosovanet.

After the review, the Commission made a decision to renew the license of Glam Radio, Radio Star, Radio Ferizaj, Radio Gjakova, Radio Prizreni, Radio Dodona and Radio Maria.

The commission also considered the following license renewal cases, but due to the incomplete application, these license renewal cases were postponed to the next meeting: Radio Vala 2000, Radio 21, Radio Astra, Radio Fontana, Radio Tema, Radio Kolasin, Radio Alba, Radio Zeri i Shtime and Radio Impuls.