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The IMC appeals to the media for accurate and impartial reporting on the situation in the north of Kosovo

24 September 2023

The Independent Media Commission calls on all media to be careful with news reports related to the situation in the north of the country, created after the attack on the Kosovo Police by unknown persons, where one police officer died and another was injured as a result of an attack near the bridge in the village of Banjské.
The IMC appeals to the Albanian and Serbian media licensed by the IMC to adhere to the Code of Ethics and that the reporting be accurate, impartial and based on facts. They must not transmit material that they know or should know to be false or misleading. The media have an obligation to immediately correct any published information that is found to be incorrect.
Media leaders must take all appropriate measures to protect the safety and independence of their journalists from any political or financial influence, including from media owners. The IMC called on the media to respect the right to privacy of individuals. Those affected by tragedy or grief should be treated with sensitivity, respect and discretion, respecting their complete privacy.
The IMC sends its deepest condolences to the family of the slain policeman and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured policemen.