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Clarification for the opinion

03 January 2024

The Independent Media Commission has received a number of complaints from citizens regarding the non-transmission of DigitAlb television channels by distribution operators.
To clarify the opinion, IMC has not taken any decision on the termination of DigitAlb's channels, since DigitAlb is not a licensed subject at IMC and as such it can bring its program platform only through the agreement with licensed operators at IMC.
It should be clarified that IMC cannot oblige a foreign platform to bring its programs to Kosovo, due to the fact that the channels are the subject of an agreement between the distribution operators and the rights provider.
However, the legal norms of the IMC provide for a level of protection for users in case of non-delivery of the services foreseen in the contract.
IMC is handling each complaint separately and legal steps may be taken for this, if the distribution operators have failed to act in accordance with Regulation IMC-2020/01.
In addition, IMC, based on the uncertainties created recently regarding sports rights, has also requested clarifications from the English Premier League regarding broadcast rights in Kosovo, in which case the latter has confirmed that Broadcasting rights for Kosovo are held by DigitAlb in the Albanian language and Arena Sport in the Serbian language.
The IMC assures the public opinion, with particular emphasis on the complaining parties, that it will treat all complaints with care, as defined by the IMC-2020/01 Regulation and that the parties will be notified of the actions taken in relation to these complaints.