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The objective of the Media Commission for the year 2024

09 February 2024

The objective of the Media Commission for the year 2024 is to promote the development of the audiovisual media services market that serves all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. The strategic objectives of the KPM are focused on the protection and use of media services, the promotion of a market for the media, the increase and transparency of the KPM licensing, the efficient use of frequencies and the increase of institutional integrity, efficiency and cooperation.

Implement these objectives to focus on the following actions: Charter and regulations for handling complaints, supplement/amend Regulations KPM-2020/01 on the distribution of audio and audiovisual media services, promote and educate the media, code of ethics and regulations for child protection, research and media market, releases and maps of digital properties licensed by KPM, reviews and strategies for broadcasting digital television and maps and plans for broadcasting digital audio, coordinates and frequencies with neighboring countries, updates and monitoring systems through the components of the new artificial intelligence and the organization of a regional conference.