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IMC presented the objectives for 2024 to partners and donors

28 February 2024

The meeting organized by the Independent Media Commission with donors was held today, which was aimed at presenting the objectives and activities of the IMC planned for 2024, as well as examining opportunities for cooperation in the future.

In the meeting from the IMC, the participants were the Chairman Mr. Jeton Mehmeti, the members Mrs. Luljeta Aliu, Mr. Besnik Berisha and Mr. Fitim Veliu as well as Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Faruk Rexhaj, as well as another part of the IMC staff. While, from the participating donor partners were: representatives from the European Union Office (EUSR in Kosovo), OSCE, Council of Europe Office in Pristina, Kosovo Institute for Law (IKD), Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), Terre des Homes (TDZ), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Association of Independent Electronic Media of Kosovo (AMPEK).

First, the attendees were greeted by the Chairman, Mr. Mehmeti, who gave a speech on the achievements and challenges of the IMC during 2023, where he thanked the donors for the support they have given to the IMC so far, as well as the need for deepening cooperation in the future, specifically in the realization of the activities planned in the strategic objectives for 2024, which include:

• Strategic objective 1 - Protection of users of media services;

• Strategic objective 2 - Promotion of a healthy media market;

• Strategic objective 3 - Increasing the transparency of IMC licensees;

• Strategic objective 4 - Efficient use of frequencies;

• Strategic objective 5 - Increasing institutional integrity, efficiency and cooperation.

Chairman Mr. Mehmeti presented in detail the IMC activities planned for 2024, the areas in which the IMC needs the most support from donor partners, as well as answered the interests raised at the meeting. In addition, the representatives of the donor partners made a speech regarding the programs and activities which are in the process of being realized and planned for 2024.

The parties agreed that on the basis of an agenda prepared by the IMC, bilateral meetings between the IMC and donor partners will soon be held, for the review and concrete coordination of sub-objectives and activities.